Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chit Chat

As I approach the entrance I can hear the roar from inside. Sounds like a fun place. I open the door and the place goes silent. All eyes are on me as I make my way to the bar. I pull up a stool and order myself a beer.

I drink it down in one gulp and slam the mug on the bar. I spin around in my stool and take a look at the place. I'm getting death stares from all angles and it doesn't take me long to spot the punk from the street. He's talking to a big beast of a man and it's pretty obvious I'm their topic of conversation. Once they're done chatting the big beast just smiles and starts lumbering over in my direction.

"You looking for something?" he says.

"I'm looking for a lot things. But right now I'm just looking for a reason."

He laughs and "You're in the wrong place if you're looking for reason, Cowboy. Reason left this place a long time ago."

"You must be hard of hearing. I'm not looking for reason. I'm looking for a reason."

"A reason for what?"

"A reason to make you hurt."

It's hard to stop myself from laughing. Where do I come up this cocky shit?

Big beast starts laughing and the rest of the bar joins in.

"Did you hear that folks?! This guy wants to make me hurt. Isn't that funniest damn thing you ever heard?" he bellows at the crowd.

I shake my head and stand up in his face.

"You misheard me yet again, asshole. Not just you."

I turn and face the rest of the bar.

"All of you."

I've tried to deny it all night but I just can't help but feel that same old feeling.

That old feeling that always gets me into trouble.

This is really gonna be fun.