Monday, October 15, 2007

NinjaBandit's Big Debut

They've been inside for a little over an hour and the anticipation is killing me. All the prep work - the surveillance, the interviews, the background checks, the all night stakeouts - it's all coming together. And tonight's the night. The Big Debut. When the filth of this town will get their first look at the man who's going to clean it up.

The NinjaBandit.

The rain beats down and the wind is howling but it makes no difference. I can't think about something as trivial as personal comfort. Not when the bulk of all firearms flooding the city's streets are coming from the warehouse less than twenty feet below me and the scum inside are getting rich off innocent blood.

It's almost time.

I drop silently down from the ledge I'm perched on and step towards the glass of the skylight.
I can see them all plain as day and the thought that they have no idea what's coming puts a smile on my face. But I still have to wait. They're not all there.

I've got the suppliers in my sights but I need to wait for the buyers. Need to take out the whole lot if I'm going to make a bit of difference.

I watch them strut and swagger about the warehouse so pleased with themselves and I find it hard to keep my cool and then the door opens and the rest of the party arrives.

I wait for the money to exchange hands.

I wait for the deal to be done.

I wait until they feel safe.

And then I let them know that they're not.