Thursday, October 18, 2007

NinjaBandit's first fight scene


I don't know what's louder.

The shattering glass of the skylight as I plunge my body through it or the manic, gleeful laughter as I soar through the air, ready to find my fists a home.

It doesn't take long.

They come at me in a crazed spree. No planning or organization - just dread. None of them signed on for this kind of shit and now when they have to face it, all they can do is become what they've always been - spineless shits-with-a-pulse who crumble and cry once a newer, bigger, meaner kid moves in on the block.

And that's what I am tonight.

I'm new.

I'm big.

I'm mean.

And on top of that, I don't shy away from cheap shots.

I can't believe it but the first guy comes at me and he's actually smiling. He truly thinks he'll see tomorrow as anything but a hazy sliver of the near-death experience he's about to be catered to in T-Minus 3... 2... 1 .......


Hope you like eating through a straw, numbnuts.

Ok so it's going better than I expected. Their cries of excrutiating pain and the symphony of breaking bones are definitely adding a cocky edge to the proceedings but it all comes to a grinding halt when I feel it.

Or should I say don't feel it. Because I don't. But it happens nonetheless.

One of these vermin is actually able to pull a blade on me as I introduce his friend to the wonderful world of unconsciousness. And even though I don't feel it when it happens, it's still causing me a hell of a lot of trouble since.........

I'm now bleeding to death.

The adrenaline and anger flowing through my body is enough to keep me standing and drop the last few but I think you can understand the fact that I want to do a lot more.

So I find the nearest thing to me that might be remotely flammable and I reach into my pocket , pull out my lighter and it's barbeque central.

What's the main course tonight?

Gun-running scum who give people the means to kill each other and then cash their cheques and smile.

The blood loss starts to get to me and I stumble to the ground.

I'm able to drag myself outside.

I find some shadows to hide myself in and watch the cops/clean-up crew take care of the wreckage.

What can I say about tonight?

Mission accomplished. More or less.

Things got a little messy and I've got a lot to learn but, hey, it's my first time.

There's nowhere to go but up.

I'm just lucky my sister's a doctor..............and she knows how to keep a secret.

Next time: Costume Design

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