Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Suitin' Up

I've been laying low for the past few weeks. Just going over it all in my head. Regrouping, sorting things out, but above all else, healing.

I still can't believe I let it happen. My getting stabbed and having my back torn open sure wasn't part of the plan. It's just made me realize I wasn't ready. I was more than prepared physically, no doubt about it, this has all been years in the making. But mentally, not so much. I let my emotions play too big a part. I enjoyed it too much and I let the pleasure and the sheer thrill of it all distract me. It won't happen again.

I pace around my apartment endlessly, trying to burn off some energy but before long I can't take it anymore. I feel like a caged rat and I've got to break free.

So I suit up.

Black hat pulled low. Matching bandana concealing my face.

Black duster with the collar pulled high, hiding the japanese armour underneath.

Twin six-shooters on my hips with dragon-head handles and two ancient-as-shit kitana blades strapped to my back.

The perfect combination of the east and the west.

All this plus a few surprises of course.

Minutes later I'm hop-scotching across the rooftops, looking for a workout.

Looking for trouble.

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